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I am very excited to share this post. because I am in love with this. so I decided to share this post with you. I hope all of you are enjoying this Diwali season with love and happiness.and I wish you like my post and my hairstyles.
Actually, my hair is medium length. but I love my hair.. so I just try to create a simple hairstyle from them. I know I am not very expert hairstyler but I love to create some cute hairstyle. By the way, I am also very lazy but I love, love, love long hair—but let’s be real. Sometimes I am dealing with long tresses, I feel a little uninspired. With out the style of a shorter, choppier cut, long hair can feel a little limp. Sure, long hair is beautiful, but sometimes it can feel a little … boring. My Hair length is up to my waist and sometimes it’s very difficult to handle it..but I love long hair.


Some Of My Hairstyle:

Soo in My first hairstyle I create a simple side braid with bangs and open hair..actually this is cute hairstyle.

Soo in My second hairstyle I converted first hairstyle (open hair into a messy side bun) into a side messy bun.


My third hairstyle-   Messy Bun. It’s my fav hairstyle and I  love to create it. The messy bun is a hairstyle that is appropriate for all types of occasions and events.


My fourth hairstyle I created a Dutch side braid hairstyle



My Fifth hairstyle..a cute ponytail

Thank You…Hope you guys liked it.


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